On 4 December 2019, M&G Investments informed us that they have suspended trading in the M&G Property Portfolio and M&G Feeder of Property Portfolio. This affects Aegon Retirement Choices (ARC) and the Aegon Platform. For more information please visit our 'Fund changes and News' section.

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic we have made a number of changes to make it easier to do business with us online.  Here you will find information about how to contact us, submit paperless instructions and manage your investments safely and securely online. All our employees are now providing support from home and are carrying out all customer requests. You can get in touch using the details on our Contact Us page during this brief period when we are unable to accept incoming calls.

We’re aware you may have concerns about your savings due to the coronavirus outbreak. Please visit our dedicated Coronavirus page for more information on what this might mean for your investments, and what we’re doing to support our customers at this time.